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Continuously extending our reach to more & more FMCG product varieties, and this unrelenting ambition is what lead us to create our brand AMAZON FOODS


Amazon foods is an international brand that provides the daily requirements of nutritious high-quality food and beverages. We maximize customers’ trust and aspirations by meeting the needs of various global tastes in terms of quality and price. Amazon foods expands globally through establishing worldwide partnerships to meet consumer needs and expectations.

From a tea leaf to a production line

From that starting point, our story evolved from one successful chapter to another, and through our hard work and utmost dedication, we grew exponentially, one tea leaf at a time, to a variety of the finest tea blends, continuously extending our reach to more & more FMCG product varieties, and this unrelenting ambition is what lead us to create our brand Amazon Foods.

The ever-growing basket

Through Amazon Foods, we are proud to have created an ever-growing FMCG production line, conveying a versatile basket of premium-quality products, ready to be served to our focus of attention, and that is you.

The heart of the world and beyond

Amazon Foods takes great pride to have grown from within the heart of the world “Dubai”, to become an integral contributor in satisfying consumer needs everywhere as we spread from this point into more than 40 markets across the globe.

Why Amazon

Amazon was built to reach an ultimate dream of being the global leader in the FMCG sector, and to actualize that dream we have turned our dream into a pledge, which is :
  • Providing the daily essential food products
  • created with natural & healthy components
  • manufactured under meticulous supervision
  • catering to every traditional & original taste
  • following the highest quality & health standards
  • serving them directly to individual and wholesale consumers
And we are dedicated to our pledge to achieve our dream


Teamwork is of paramount importance to us, as we believe that only through internal team discussions, partners feedback meetings, and customer feedback surveys, that our goals are going to be achieved.


We strongly believe that only through honesty & transparency that mutual trust can be built, and that only through a positive field of openness between us & our partners that our customers can believe in us.


We do not only seek existence in the market, we continuously reach beyond that to achieve efficiency & excellence in our production & business management practices, as that is the way to eventually achieve customer satisfaction.

Our ingredients

Rest assured that we meticulously select the ingredients in our products following the highest health standards, with healthy natural crops that are cultivated from the best farms all across the world while holding the utmost respect for environmental sustainability.

Our factories

At Amazon, we make sure to follow the best production methods to make products with high quality. Whether manufactured in one of our own factories or our partners’ factories, our products are made according to the latest methods to ensure healthy and safe food.
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Warehouse # 9,10,11,12, Street 26| Al Quoz, Industrial Area 4
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 445 647 70

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