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Arm & Hammer is a well-known brand of toothpaste that offers a variety of options to meet different oral care needs. Two of the toothpastes offered are the Advance White and Enamel Care toothpastes. Advance White toothpaste is a specially formulated product aimed at removing surface stains and enhancing tooth whitening. It gently polishes away surface stains, leaving your teeth with a brighter and whiter appearance. The toothpaste also includes fluoride to prevent cavities and features a refreshing mint flavor to freshen your breath. The Enamel Care toothpaste is designed to help strengthen and protect tooth enamel. It contains fluoride to help prevent cavities, as well as a special blend of minerals that strengthen and rebuild enamel. This toothpaste is a great option for those who are concerned about the health of their tooth enamel.