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Bref Toilet Cleaner offers a wide range of forms and scents to help keep your toilet clean and fresh. With its powerful and effective cleaning formula, Bref Toilet Cleaner can tackle tough stains, dirt, and bacteria while leaving a long-lasting fragrance. The range includes Blue Active Chlorine, Eucalyptus, Flower, Lavender, Ocean, Juicy Lemon, Lavender & Pine Forest, Pine Forest, Lovely Jasmine, Delicate Magnolia, Perfume Switch, and Duo Cubes Air Fresheners. The Blue Active Chlorine formula provides a deep clean and disinfects the toilet bowl. The Eucalyptus and Lavender options offer a refreshing and natural scent, while the Ocean and Juicy Lemon options provide a clean and fresh fragrance. The Lavender & Pine Forest and Pine Forest options offer a more outdoorsy scent, and Lovely Jasmine and Delicate Magnolia provide a floral fragrance. The Perfume Switch option allows you to switch between two different scents, and the Duo Cubes Air Fresheners provide continuous freshness between cleaning. Choose Bref Toilet Cleaner for a clean and fresh toilet every time.