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Pril Dishwashing is a leading brand of dishwashing products designed to remove tough stains and grease from your dishes, leaving them sparkling clean. With a wide range of products, Pril Dishwashing offers various solutions to meet your dishwashing needs. The Pril Dishwashing All in Gel-Grease Cutting, for instance, is an effective formula that works to remove even the toughest stains and grease from your dishes. The Pril Duo Gel is a unique combination of two gels that work together to provide optimal cleaning power. The Pril Gold range includes the Gold Gel and Gold Automatic Dishwashing Tablet that provide excellent cleaning results and leave your dishes with a pleasant fragrance. The Pril All in 1 Automatic Dishwashing Tablet is a convenient solution that cleans, degreases, and adds shine to your dishes in one easy step. With Pril Dishwashing, you can be sure to have clean, spotless dishes every time.