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Skittles candy is a popular fruity treat loved by candy enthusiasts of all ages. With a wide range of flavors to choose from, including Crazy Sours, Fruits, and Wild Berry, Skittles candy offers a colorful and delicious snacking experience. The classic Skittles candy features a chewy center with a crunchy shell, providing a satisfying texture that bursts with flavor. For those who prefer a more sour taste experience, Skittles also offers a Crazy Sours flavor. Skittles candy is also available in a Wild Berry flavor, featuring a mix of berry flavors such as raspberry, strawberry, and wild cherry. One of the best things about Skittles candy is the variety of ways you can enjoy it. You can eat them one by one, mix and match flavors, or even use them to add some color and flavor to your favorite desserts.